Teh Gopek

Teh Gopek

Information Summary

Founded : 1942 Industry : Beverages / Tea
Website : http://www.gopek.info Contact : PT. Gopek Cipta Utama
Phone : +62 0283-491435 Fax : +62 0283-491577
E-mail : Guestbook
Address : Jl. Kapten Piere Tendean NO. 5 Slawi 52415, Indonesia
Estimated Investment :  – Contact the Company -

Teh Gopek provides franchise / waralaba business opportunity in Indonesia in Tea Industry. Teh Gopek founded in 1942 and now already have several booths around Indonesia.

The Teh Gopek Company was founded in Slawi in 1942, along with the Japanese colonial period in Indonesia. Initially, the Teh Gopek company started as Home Industry with simple equipment.

The name meaning of Gopek taken from good tea leaf, the Golden Orange Pekoe. In addition, Gopek name also comes from the name of the boy’s family 5 Kwee, namely Kwee PEK Tjoe, Kwee PEK Hoey, Kwee PEK Lioe, Kwee PEK Lo, dan Kwee PEK Yauw.

General Requirements to do the Business :
1. Have Initial Investment Capital
2. Provides Strategic Place
3. Have Target Market
4. Have Marketing Strategy

If you interested to make teh gopek business, you can contact PT Gopek Cipta Utama for the business opportunity available.

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