Takoyaki – Oishii Tako

Oishii Tako

Information Summary

Founded : 2009 Industry : Japanese Food
Website : http://oishiitako.blogspot.com Contact : Azis Yunus
Phone : +62 21 – 7050 2277 / 0838 830 6688 Fax : +62 21 – 7310018
E-mail : oishiitako73@gmail.com
Address : Jl. Gotong Royong RT 01/ RW 01 no 54. Larangan, Ciledug – Tangerang
Estimated Investment : Rp. 2.250.000 – Rp. 6.000.000

Takoyaki – Oishii Tako provides Franchise / Waralaba in Partnership Business Opportunity in Indonesia in Japanese Food Industry. Oishii Tako is a brand that is engaged in food. More specializes in Japanese food called Takoyaki.

Takoyaki is a very popular food in their home countries. In Indonesia also is starting a lot of fans, particularly among school and university students. Oishii Tako currently has 5 branches located in Tangerang and the surrounding area.

Partnership Packages
1. Package Rp. 2.250.000
2. Complete Package Rp. 6.000.000

If you want to create a storefront that match your desires, the brand that you want, or materials that you know a cheaper or better. Please take a package of Rp. 2.25 million, but you still have to put “Supported by Oishii Tako” on your storefront.

But those who do not want to be difficult, and have provided all by Oishii Tako, then they can give the best for you. You can take a package of Rp. 6 million.

Supplied Products
– Katsuobushi
– Sea Weed
– Mayonnaise
– Japanese Sauce
– Octopus
– Premix for Takoyaki Flour
– etc

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