Sausan Kebab

Sausan Kebab offers Franchise / Waralaba (peluang usaha & bisnis) in Indonesia in Food and Beverages Industry, especially in Kebab Products. Now they already have several outlets around Indonesia since 2009.

Waroeng Kebab

Waroeng Kebab provides Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity in Indonesia in Kebab Industry. Founded in 2007, Waroeng Kebab already have many branches in several town in Indonesia.

Anya Kebab

Anya Kebab offers Franchise / Waralaba in Indonesia in Food Industry, especially in Kebab Food. They offer various Kebab products and now already have many outlets in Indonesia.

Aladine Kebab

Aladine Kebab offers Franchise / Waralaba opportunities in Food Industry, especially in Kebab’s Food. They offers fastfood with Beef Meat as the main ingredients. Now Kebab already become favourite food in Indonesia.

Donner Kebab Fastfood Restaurant

Donner Kebab serves their customers in Fastfood Restaurant Industry, especially in Kebab’s food. They provides Franchise / Waralaba Opportunity in Indonesia. Now they already have many outlets in many cities with many Kebab’s menus to choose.