Pusat Sertifikasi Profesi

Pusat Sertifikasi Profesi

Information Summary

Founded : – no franchise data - Industry : Education (Sertifikasi)
Website : http://www.pspcert.com Contact : Fred Utanes
Phone : 021 – 5260388 Fax : 021 – 52962380
E-mail : fred@pspcert.com, info@pspcert.com
Address : Multimatics Indonesia. Jl. Prof Satrio 296, South Jakarta 12970
Estimated Investment : Rp. 100 Million

Pusat Sertifikasi Profesi (PSP) gives services to open a sertification center in Indonesia. They provides franchise / waralaba in Education Industry.

Pusat Sertifikasi Profesi (PSP™) or the Center for Professional Certification traces its experience in education, training, and professional certification way back more than two decades ago. The certification center’s programs are as mature as the most experienced partner it has in its network. And it is expected to continually become stronger as more organizations join PSP tm’s accreditation network. As such, it is truly highly progressive process-a distinctive advantage of PSPtm. Moreover, partnerships come both from local and international institutions of learning and certification or accreditation bodies. This therefore bespeaks of the high standards in education and training that the group maintains.

Certification Center. Network Group. Any of these collective labels applies to PSP as the broad yet specialized coverage has been the offshoot of various institions that put their trust in the credibility of PSPTM’s track record in delivering professional testing, certification, and quality training. It is likewise good to note that PSPtm’s associates come from countries like the USA , UK , Australia and Singapore , besides Indonesia.

Businesses and Services:

Among PSP™’s services that licensees could do for themselves in their centers are:

1. Skills Testing
2. Professional Certification
3. Professional Training Support

Skills Testing is the methodology of determining an individual’s skills achievement via posting specific questions whether written or non-written. The battery of test questions are based on certain preset standards of competency and ability.

Professional Certification is the declaration of an individual’s overall ability in a general field of specialization. Normally, such certification is required for professionals or experts in specific fields to establish their authority and proficiency in those areas of specialty.

Professional Training is the process by which student, office workers or professionals are conditioned to do new tasks that are expected to be accomplished given a particular time period and concrete objectives. Such training could also upgrade one’s skills done in a progressive sequence or on one shot. Job effectiveness is normally the main result that one seeks in undertaking that would hone his domains of learning.

PSP™’s Network of Partners:

What is unique about PSP™ is that it has a network chain of partners. On one side, it has a network of partners who are Centers. They are schools, universities, training establishments, and other similar institutions who leverage primarily on testing, certification, and training as their main line of business. On the other side, there are the network partners of Providers. They are institutions with among the highest level of standards in terms of providing testing, certification, and training.

PSP™ provides its Center Partners with the accessibility and the speed in undertaking business activities without having to spend so much time, effort, and financial resources getting collaborations and linkage with credible professional organizations. PSP™ therefore let these Centers the luxury of doing what they do best-providing opportunities to attain professional standing–without wasting much valuable assets and wealth.

PSP™ provides its Provider Partners with access to much sought after leverage to propagate their services in the quickest possible time and with just limited efforts. This is since PSP™ has done the legwork and the homework for them.

Best Competitive Advantage:

The best competitive advantage of PSP™ is the fact that it possesses its own test engine that utilizes computer technology, something that not any ordinary vendor could provide. With its Automated Testing Software (ATS) that the company acquired from the NCC Education in UK, one of the world’s renowned testing and certification bodies, PSP™ is able to ensure the credibility and the security of professional testing.

ATS has been widely used in Indonesia particularly with its collaboration with the government’s agency that was given the task to provide competency standards to professionals in various fields of specializations.

What is the PSP™ Licensing System?

PSPTM’s licensing system enables any local center of education or training center to immediately adopt the reputation and the marketability of the names in the PSPTM’s network partners. The licensee would be able to facilitate skills testing and certification utilizing the resources of PSPTM. No need for long set-up time. No need for long process of accreditation. This is because PSPTM would empower the licensee along with its administrators and staff to conduct skills testing via the different methods of PSPTM -online or offline.

Moreover, the licensee could immediately conduct courses from the numerous programs from PSPTM. These courses are intended to prepare individuals as well as corporate entities to prepare themselves for specific certifications. In the process, the licensee adds into its services portfolio a variety of sources of income. Noteworthy is the fact that the licensee instantly carries international brand names into itself. And this is at a surprisingly nominal fee. For educational establishments like universities, sekolah tinggi’s, STIE’s, vocational schools, and professional training centers, this is the most cost-efficient strategy to become globally competitive in a short period of time.

What are the Features of PSP™ Operations?
1. International Accreditation
2. Government Accreditation
3. Immediate Access to Multidisciplinary Training Program Contents
4. Access to a Pool of Certified and Qualified Lecturers
5. Marketing Synergy

International Certification

In the past few years, the global education and training industry took a major turn to focus on the Asian market. This resulted in universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia to “export” their education programs in countries where the population’s interest for international accreditation is essential for good career prospects. No less than Indonesia itself has been one of these countries whereby overseas universities in the West put their attention to.

The trend in internationality also proliferated into the training sector. More and more training institutions joined forces with globally recognized establishments in order to achieve world-class competitiveness for their students and graduates.

However, while it is apparently lucrative to do training and education capped by international recognition, it is rather expensive. It takes so much monetary and time resources to apply for recognition. At times the fees are so restrictive that only the more affluent local institutes and even universities could afford to pay the price.
It is in this light that PSPTM becomes a very good alternative. With PSPTM’s international network of collaborators, your education or training institution could now attain international recognition with more affordability and great savings on time and effort.

Government Accreditation

PSP™ is one of the government’s fore-runners for IT testing and certification. It aggressively supports the Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Telematika’s (LSPT’s) efforts to implement IT-related certifications. PSP™ therefore follows and advocates the Indonesian government’s moves to professionalize the country’s manpower. Moreover, PSP™’s network includes existing local establishments that it helps to run LSPT’s testing and certification programs.
What is the relevance of PSP™’s collaboration with government institutions like LSPT? As a licensee, you could avail of PSP™’s assistance to acquire such government accreditation in a virtually worry-free manner. Aside from this, you as the licensee could leverage on PSPTM’s resources to acquire first-hand IT testing and IT training related to the government recognition. This provides you with a big competitive advantage over other educational institutions or training establishment like you.

Immediate Access to Multidisciplinary Training Program Contents

By being a PSP™ licensee, you could have access to training program content covering a wide variety of disciplines. These include Information and Communications Technology, Business, English Language, Mandarin Language, and others. These programs also come in the form of modules, certificate programs, diploma courses, advanced diplomas, bachelor degrees, and other higher education programs. Methodologies used include face-to-face instruction, distance learning, online learning, and/or a combination of any of these. For higher education, one could take diploma and advanced diploma levels (first and second years) in Indonesia and take the Year-3 bachelor degree completion phase whether in Indonesia or in the accrediting overseas universities. Partial overseas education could also be undertaken at special arrangements.

The licensee could either run or facilitate PS™’s education and training courses and programs, depending on certain qualification related to existing or would-be facilities and scope of government permit. And PSP™ will help the licensee package such courses and programs based on experiences in the network vis-à-vis the apparent market demands.

Access to a Pool of Certified and Qualified Lecturers

Having trained more than 100 certified professionals in IT and Business courses, PSP™ has access to talents most of whom could service required by licensees. Other sources of lecturers are the existing pool consisting of local and international experts in different fields of specialization. Though not guaranteed, PSP™ will assist its licensees to secure the services of instructors and lecturers related to the programs that PSP™ runs.

Possible arrangements could also be done to do Training the Trainors among the existing instructors of the licensee.

Marketing Synergy

Marketing efforts and expenses are major concerns in a very competitive industry like training education. But training centers as well as institutions of higher learning require the push and pulls in order to generate more enrollments. After all, the existence of establishments in the industry largely depends on the size of student conscription.

PSP™ network provides the competitive advantage by way of organizing the existing licensees under its wing to synergize in the area of marketing and promotion. It endeavors to leverage on its growing network of licensees as well as collaborating institutions. As a result, better awareness mileage and wider market coverage for the network and its members.

What are the Benefits to the PSP™ Licensee?

1. Product/Service Differentiation
2. Improved Image and Branding
3. Additional Business Revenues
4. Reduction in Cost
5. High Profitability

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