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Planet Futsal

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Founded : 2004 Industry : Entertainment
Website : Contact : PT.Sentra Primaraga
Phone : (021) 586 4840 Fax : (021) 584 0818
E-mail : Contact Form
Address : Jl. Srengseng Raya No. 39.Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta 11610
Estimated Investment : Rp. 1 Billion +

Planet Futsal is a Franchise and Waralaba in Indonesia in Sports Entertainment Industry. They provide business in soccer industry, this is a new business model in Indonesia. Now they have some branches in Indonesia.

Planet Futsal is not simply a brand; it is a lifestyle in its own right. As the pioneer of a new and young, yet very promising industry, Planet Futsal has introduced more than a brand or a new business model to Indonesia, it has created a phenomenon. The cradle of the Futsal craze recently making the headlines and creating the entire Futsal buzz can be found at Planet Futsal Kelapa Gading where it all began 3 years ago.

In 2004, a few seasoned entrepreneurs tried to combine their experience and heads into creating a new business that would have a lasting impact in Indonesian society. They started with a bang and hosted the Euro 2004 coverage live on Grand Opening day. And although it’s not nuclear science, what they created was nothing short than revolutionary.

Planet Futsal was founded based on 3 fundamental visions:
1) to create a healthier Indonesian society,
2) to combine sports and entertainment into one lifestyle package and
3) to provide and alternative lifestyle for Indonesian youths so to prevent them from juvenile delinquency and unhealthy habits.

The concept was simple, in a metropolitan city where there is a lack of decent facility to play soccer; Planet Futsal brings a modified version of the sport indoors, but in a very unique way. Our centers are equipped with third generation, FIFA APPROVED, artificial turf system which allow players to stimulate the sensation felt when playing on a grass field. Indonesians can now play soccer / Futsal anytime without being afraid of time and weather constraints.

Planet Futsal Indoor Soccer Centers also have events / café areas where visitors can dine or relax and watch big games in a crowd on our large projector TV screen. The centers are also attractively designed and are very sporty. People have hosted various events at our place, events such as: birthdays, tournaments, corporate meetings, family gatherings, reunions, exhibitions, TV show or commercial shootings and many other events. We even had an enquiry to use our center for a wedding! Corporate banks, large corporations, individuals, Jakarta’s governor and even Agum Gumelar himself have hosted events at one of our centers.

As a business, we are definitely the leading market player in the Futsal and Sports Hospitality industry in general. We redefined sports and hospitality business in this country. With 9 centers in 7 major cities in Indonesia, we probably own about 30% of the industry market share (from pitch availability point of view), but should occupy a larger portion (more than 50%) when it comes to sales and customer loyalty. Our brand, Planet Futsal, is identical with the sports itself in this country. Ask the national team coach whether he has heard of Planet Futsal and he will reply: Who hasn’t? Ask a passer-by if she has heard of a Futsal place and she will mention our place. Ask another passer-by if he knows of Planet Futsal and he will point a competitor’s place thinking that it was Planet Futsal. In Indonesia, Planet Futsal is Futsal itself. All of our competitors’ business models, strategies and even pricing follow our lead and so they will always be a few steps behind us. And they will continue making sales out of demand that our space limitation cannot accommodate.

We charge on average a 25% price premium over our competitors yet our observations tell us that we still sell more court hours and maintain more positive feedbacks than them. We are also deemed to be the Best in the country. Our reputation is built on the facts that we do not compromise on pitch quality and maintenance, customer service, promotion and customer loyalty programs, our lively centers design and through our relentless marketing campaigns. But our greatest strength is in the goodwill of our customers and the referrals we get from them. People have gone to try competitors’ facility out of curiosity and they come back to Planet Futsal because we are simply better. Both customers and investors believe in Planet Futsal, and although the economy has not seen a major downturn of fluctuations lately, we strongly believe, Planet Futsal will endure the test of times, partly because soccer is not a seasonal sport in this country, and will continue leading the way in Sports Venue and Hospitality industry.

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