Momochi (Premium Mochi Ice Cream)


Information Summary

Founded : 2011 Industry : Food / Mochi
Website : Contact : Lusiana Dwiyanti. SH
Phone : +62 02518657485 / 085711234484 Fax : +62 02518655911
E-mail :
Address : Vila Bogor Indah F3 No.36-37 Bogor, Indonesia
Estimated Investment : Rp. 15 – 30 Million

Momochi (Premium Mochi Ice Cream) provides franchise / waralaba / business opportunity in Indonesia in Food and Beverages Industry, especially in Premium Mochi Ice Cream Products.

Mochi is a Japanese traditional cake made ​​of glutinous rice flour and filled with red beans. This traditional cake is usually served on the celebrations mochitsuki or japanese new year. But over the development period of this cake has been modified, either by adding ice cream as stuffing.

Momochi (premium mochi ice cream) was developed in 2011. Mochi ice cream with a diameter of 5 cm and height 4cm. Momochi (premium mochi ice cream) consists of 10 flavors, namely strawberry, greentea, vanilla chips, chocolate chips, rhumraisin, oreo, mango, durian, mocca, and tiramisu.

About the company: CV. Aruziki established on 11 January 2011, as the company moves one of them in the field of food ingredients, we innovate to create foods with flavor and texture mochi is different than usual, along with culinary developments in Indonesia. With an idea adopted from the Japanese, was born Momochi (Premium Mochi Ice Cream) to be a product with high quality.

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