Kumon Indonesia


Information Summary

Founded : 1958 Industry : Education
Website : http://id.kumonglobal.com Contact : Kumon Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 – 5213551 Fax : +62 21 – 5213551
E-mail : Contact Form
Address : Various cities in Indonesia
Estimated Investment : US $ 320 (Franchise Fee)

Kumon Indonesia provides Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity (peluang bisnis dan usaha) in Indonesia in Education Industry, especially in Math and Reading Education. Kumon Founded in 1958 and now already have hundreds branches around the world.

Kumon Programs :
– Math Program
– English (EE Program)
– EFL (English as a Foreign language)

The Kumon Method is an individualized learning method that allows each student to study at the level in which they are comfortable, regardless of age or grade level. This is accomplished by a focus on self-study that enables students to acquire not only basic academic abilities, but also concentration skills, good study habits, confidence, a sense of self-affirmation, a sense of achievement, a challenging spirit and an ability to learn by themselves.

Mathematics and language materials are available for study. The learning target for mathematics is the acquisition of necessary skills for high school level mathematics, while the learning target for language is the acquisition of comprehensive ability to read and absorb long passages of written materials.

Franchise Information :
– Franchise Fee : US $ 320
– Contact : Contact Form

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