Kontrak Perjanjian Franchise / Waralaba

Contoh Kontrak Perjanjian Franchise / Waralaba (Franchise Agreement Example) to help new entrepreneurs to know the form of Franchise Agreement when they want to buy a Franchise from the Franchisor.

Below is what will be written in franchise contracts (note any changes that occur because of different laws in each country).

Clausa / essential point in the contract agreement :
- What is the brand for the product ?
- Product mark registration details
- Definition that transferred to Franchisee
- The details of the delegation, training and manuals
- The details of about the work territory

Contract Application :
- Agreement of each party, before, during and after the contract
- Details of the rules that must be obeyed
- Details of Supplier or Provision of Goods
- Requirements in price politics
- Intuitu personae clause and substitute acceptance (contract ends when the business unit franchisee can not be given to the next owner without the approval of the following companies Franchisor)
- Confirmation of the independent party
- Article / confidentiality clause, a political non-competition, non-affiliates, a ban on other activities, etc

Financial Structure :
- Initial Cost / Entry Fee
- Royalty Fee
- Other Fee
- Contribution and Minimum Cost for Advertising

Advertising and Product Image :
- What advertising at launching / opening, and at operational days
- The target, national or local

The End of Contract :
- Contract duration
- Terms of contract termination
- Terms of the contract renewal
- Article / clause after the contract
- Preemption rights
- Terms of business transfers

Besides that, prospective franchisee also needs to know about :
- Who is the Franchisor
- Who is the Director of the Company
- History and Network Condition
- List of the Franchisee
- Financial and legal obligations
- National Market Condition
- Local Market Condition
- Supportive Documents, financial statements, HKI

With the above example, we hope you know the basic of franchise agreements and what need to be know before you buy a franchise, good luck !