Kedai Pizza

Kedai Pizza

Information Summary

Founded : 2008 Industry : Food / Pizza
Website : Kedai Pizza Facebook Page Contact : CV. Kedai Pizza
Phone : +62 085743317337, 085643827053 Fax : – no data -
E-mail :
Address : Skylight Plaza Magelang, Jl. Tentara Pelajar No. 7, Magelang, East Java
Estimated Investment : Rp. 30.000.000

Kedai Pizza offers franchise / waralaba / business opportunity in Indonesia in Food Industry, especially in Pizza products. Pizza is popular in urban community, because pizza categorized into fast food, people often had to limit consumption of pizza.

In general, the nutritional content of pizza dough is influenced by the basic bread, a familiar called a crust. Nearly 90 percent of the content of pizza is dough crust. The content of toppings on it also varies depending on the type of pizza. This is exactly what causes the nutrient composition of the pizza is very diverse from one another.

Kedai Pizza Indonesia was established with the spirit of change. Changing a pizza to become cheap, changing pizza into the food that can be found anywhere. No need expensive to enjoy a delicious hot pizza. With Kedai Pizza the pizza will be food in all situations.

Kedai Pizza was opened for the first time on January 1, 2009. Built with the spirit of change to make pizza full of nutrients can be enjoyed by all circles. Old, young, urban people, rural people can enjoy all the nutrients contained in each bite of warm pizza.

Kedai Pizza Investment
– Investment : Rp. 30.000.000
will get :
– 1 unit outlet Kedai Pizza
– 1 package pizza equipment, include a mini refrigerator, freezer, oven
– 1 package promotion (fliers, neon box, X-banner, brochure)
– 2 pairs of employees uniform
– 1 package early raw materials

Profit Estimation :
– Investment : Rp. 30.000.000
– Gross Profit / month : Rp. 15.000.000
– Expenses / month : Rp. 10.800.000
– Net Profit : Rp. 4.200.000
– Return On Investment (ROI) : 7 months

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