Investasi (Investment) can be done in many ways, such as invest in Property, Banks, buy Shares, or through Business. For a new entrepreneur, create a new business field can be hard, because they don’t have enough experience to do that. But there’s Franchise / Waralaba system that can help new entrepreneur to success in their business.

Entrepreneur can do research to find good and suitable franchise for them, because if not suitable with they field, it can be more difficult, but still possible because they will still get help from the Franchisor.

You can search in Bursa Franchise directory from more than 400 Franchises listed to find the most suitable franchise and business opportunity for you.

- Franchise Otomotif
- Franchise Komputer
- Franchise Pendidikan
- Franchise Entertainment
- Franchise Fashion
- Franchise Fitness dan Olahraga
- Franchise Makanan
- Franchise Minuman
- Franchise Karaoke
- Franchise Laundry
- Franchise Kesehatan
- Franchise Fotografi
- Franchise Properti
- Franchise Restoran
- Franchise Retail
- Franchise Salon dan Kecantikan
- Franchise Service
- Franchise Spa
- Franchise Studio
- Franchise Travel

- Franchise kurang dari 100 juta
- Franchise kurang antara 100 – 250 juta
- Franchise kurang dari 250 – 500 juta
- Franchise kurang dari 500 juta – 1 Milyar
- Franchise lebih dari 1 Milyar

After doing research and find suitable franchise / waralaba, you can study the requirements, franchise fee, the investment required, services and products offered, etc. You can find franchise with low investment (waralaba murah) until high investment, it’s up to you to choose. Then you can start your business.

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