Hoka Hoka Bento

Hoka Hoka Bento

Information Summary

Founded : – no franchise data - Industry : Japanese Restaurant
Website : www.hokahokabento.co.id Contact : Waralaba Department
Phone : +62 21 – 8711234 Fax : +62 21 – 8711234
E-mail : – no franchise data -
Address : Jl. Raya Poncol 2 Jakarta, Indonesia.
Estimated Investment : Above Rp. 1 Billion

Hoka Hoka Bento Provides Franchise / Waralaba in Japanese Restaurant Industry in Indonesia. They provide various Bento products for their customers.

Bentō (弁当 or べんとう, Bentō?) is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish. Containers range from disposable mass produced to hand crafted lacquerware.

Although bento are easily available in many places throughout Japan, including convenience stores, bento shops (弁当屋, bentō-ya?), train stations, and department stores, it is still common for Japanese homemakers to spend considerable time and energy producing an appealing boxed lunch.

Bento can be very elaborate, aesthetically pleasing cuisine arrangements. Often the food is arranged in such a way as to resemble other objects: dolls, flowers, leaves, and so forth.

If you’re interested to open business in Bento Industry, you can contact them for the detailed information about the business opportunity.

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