Es Walikota – Es Buah Prasmanan

Es Walikota

Information Summary

Founded : 2006 Industry : Beverages / Ice
Website : Contact : Muhammad Mashar
Phone : 024 – 70357858, 081325181010 Fax : 024 – 70357858
E-mail :
Address : Grogol RT01/RW02 Magelung Kaliwungu selatan, Semarang
Estimated Investment : Rp. 8.85 Million

Es Walikota offers Franchise / Waralaba Opportunity in Indonesia in Beverages Industry, especially in Es Buah Prasmanan Products. Founded in 2006, and open their outlets around the cities, so named ‘walikota’. Customers can eat on place or take away, the ice and the cup.

Why Choose Us
– Have Great Potential Busines Prospect
– New Concept, no competitor yet
– Grow Faster
– ‘Prasmanan’ Concept
– Low Investment, High Profit
– Fast BEP (~ 5 months)
– Easy to handle and easy to get supplies

Investment Package
– Rp. 8.850.000 : Cart Type
– 1 unit complete counter
– Ice equipment and ice box
– Promotion Package
– Supplies
– Staff Uniform and Equipment
– Operational Procedure
– Staff Training

Steps to Become Franchisee
– Contact and Request
– Fill the application form
– Sign the Franchise form
– Pay the Initial Payment (Down Payment)
– Staff Training
– Grand Opening

Franchise Calculations
– Initial Investment : Rp. 8.850.000
– Average Gross Profit / month : Rp. 9.750.000
– Expenses / month : Rp. 5.595.000
– Net Profit / month : Rp. 4.155.000
– ROI : 2.5 months

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