Chicken and Shake

Chicken and Shake

Information Summary

Founded : 2008 Industry : Food and Beverages
Website : Contact : R. Arendra Dewanto
Phone : +62 0274 7018800, 08174108800 Fax : +62 0274 489200
E-mail :
Address : Ambarukmo Regency 2 kav C1 Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55281
Estimated Investment : Rp. 75 – 175 Million

Chicken and Shake offers Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity (peluang usaha) in Indonesia in Food and Beverages Industry, especially in Chicken and Shake products. Chicken and Shake comes with Spicy Chicken menu mainstay. We chose these products because the fried chicken is a favorite daily food consumption of Indonesian families.

Chicken and Shake have enough universal market segment, started from children, adolescents, and family. The fried chicken prepared with a very high temperature until it reaches the temperature 160% for a certain period so that it can ensure that our fried chicken products very crisp, SAFE and DELICIOUS for consumption.

Why Chicken and Shake ?
– Not require large capital.
– Daily consumption of products in Indonesia
– Have low risk level for the maximum run
– Double income from the sale of food and beverages varied
– Capital return that can be achieved quickly and easily
– Product which has a universal market segments, ranging from children, teenagers, parents, and families

Place Requirements :
– Strategic location
– The minimum size of 40m2
– The existence of water facilities and bathroom (basin following wells / water torent)
– Electrical facilities (minimum of 5000 watts)
– Having the raw material storage facilities at least 4x5m
– Having a cable telephone network
– Active in local promotion to boost sales turnover

Franchisee Will Get :
– Complete Module of Standard Operational Procedure (SOP)
– Space Planning
– Settings Support
– Stock Supplies
– Routine Consultation

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