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Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware currently Not Offering Franchise / Waralaba opportunity in Indonesia. Ace Hardware operated in Retail (Hardware) Industry, established in 1995 and now already have several branch in Indonesia.


Alfamart offers Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity (peluang usaha & bisnis) in Indonesia, specialized in Retail Store. There are already so many alfamart outlets in many cities in Indonesia. You can be the one of them, they give opportunities to open new outlet in your area.


Attirance menawarkan franchise / waralaba di Indonesia dalam bidang kosmetik dan spa. Pada 2007, kami mulai mengembangkan sistem waralaba kosmetik di seluruh dunia dengan menawarkan konsep bisnis yang benar-benar maju dengan kisaran produk yang luas serta daya laba yang telah terbukti.

Baju Muslim & Busana Muslimah

Baju Muslim & Busana Muslimah (Muslim Fashion) now already become a trend, especially in Indonesia. Franchise / Waralaba in this industry is now getting plentiful, so if you want to open business in muslim fashion sector you can try to become one of their franchisee or business partner.


Bizxpress provides Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity (peluang usaha) in Indonesia in Business Service Industry. Bizxpress Indonesia is Your One Stop Business Center, i-Café, and Games Center.


Carrefour currently Not Offering franchise / waralaba / business opportunity in Indonesia. PT. Contimas Utama Indonesia is the licensee of the Carrefour hypermarket in Indonesia. As the No 1 retailer in Europe and No 2 worldwide, Carrefour aims to set the benchmark in modern retailing for the protection of health, consumer safety and the environment.

Circle K Minimart

Circle K Minimart Provides Franchise / Waralaba in Retail (minimart) Industry in Indonesia. They gives many choices in Franchise opportunities for new businessman to open their store.

CNI ChainStore

CNI ChainStore offers franchise / waralaba / business opportunity in Indonesia in Retail Industry, especially in ChainStore services. They offer Smart Business Partnership with long term benefits. Free Franchise Fee, Free Distribution Fee, Free Royalty Fee, and No Other Fee.


DiscTarra provides franchise / waralaba in entertainment industry in Indonesia, especially in CD / DVD stores. Now DiscTarra already have 78 outlets spreads around Indonesia and will expand more in the future. DiscTarra supported by hundreds of supplier with more than 50.000 kinds of items supply.

Edward Forrer

Mr. Edward Forrer, as the owner and also the founder of this retail company which started in 1989, runs the business of Shoes and Bags franchise / waralaba. Now Edward Forrer own 1 outlet in Sydney, Australia and 27 outlets in Indonesia.


Furnimart Provides Franchise / Waralaba in Indonesia in Retail Industry, especially at Minimarket sector. They already have many outlets around Indonesia. They provides good selection of products, and many different kind of products for customers.

G-Track Intelligent Tracking System

G-Track offers products in Intelligent Tracking System. They offers Franchise / Waralaba Opportunity in Indonesia for their products in Security Technology Industry. They have various Tracking System Products and already have some outlets in Indonesia.

Giant Hypermarket

Giant Hypermarket is a major supermarket franchise / waralaba and retailer chain in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It is a subsidiary of Dairy Farm International Holdings (DFI).

Gudang Accessories HP

Gudang Accessories HP (Handphone) offers Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity in Indonesia in Retail Industry, especially in Handphone Accessories.


Indomaret provides Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity (peluang usaha & bisnis) in Indonesia, specialized in Retail store. Indomaret offers many different kinds of products for their customers.


KreditMart offers franchise / waralaba business opportunity in Indonesia in Retail Finance Industry. KreditMart is the first Franchise in Retail Finance business with various products in Electronic, IT, Gadget, Furniture, and Supplies.

Kyboe Indonesia

Are you ready for KYBOE! Indonesia? The BIGGER and BETTER business opportunities are available. We offer very attractive models for commercial cooperation with a high ROI and many extra benefits.

LIC Pengkilap Motor & Mobil

LIC Obat Poles Motor, Mobil, Helm, dan Kaca / Visor Helm offers Franchise / Waralaba business opportunity in Indonesia. LIC is Triple Action Polish for all Purpose Cleaner, Polish, and Paint Protection in one easy step.

Lulur Sekar Jagat & Teh Rosella

Currently they offer business partner (not franchise / waralaba) in Lulur Sekar Jagat and Teh Rosella Products. They have various health and beauty products.

MER Furniture Center

MER Furniture Center provides Franchise / Waralaba in Furniture Retail Industry in Indonesia. They already have some branches in cities in Indonesia. They have various products in Furniture Industry.