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Founded : 1992 Industry : Retail
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Address : There’s 31 Office in Indonesia (See website)
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Carrefour currently Not Offering franchise / waralaba / business opportunity in Indonesia. PT. Contimas Utama Indonesia is the licensee of the Carrefour hypermarket in Indonesia. As the No 1 retailer in Europe and No 2 worldwide, Carrefour aims to set the benchmark in modern retailing for the protection of health, consumer safety and the environment. This company mission is expressed by seven core values: freedom, Responsibility, Sharing, Respect, Integrity, Solidarity, Progress.

Quality is one of our main source of competitive differentiation and is part of the fundamental policies defining the implementation of the Group’s strategy. It always corresponds to what the customer explicitly or implicitly wants and must be clearly perceived as such. The value for money must be the best.

Controlled products whether banner brands or own brands, offer exemplary quality and safety. A product must demonstrate the required quality level before it can be approved for purchase.

The best possible value for money is offered at every price level (first price products/ own brand and banner brand products). For own brand and banner brand products, the quality process includes signing a set of specifications, approving production sites and product control plan, processing and archiving any con-compliant products and following up of customers claims.

To complete this system, Carrefour has deployed in 2005 a Quality Scorecard available on the group’s intranet site, which enable all the countries to track products at every stage of their marketing and to react more efficiently in case of a crisis.

– Quality : an approach shared with our suppliers

To guarantee the quality of its food products and its own brand and banner brand products, Carrefour systematically conducts audits on its suppliers’ production sites, which are audited health and safety conditions.

– A fast and efficient product withdrawal procedure
– Within two hours, a product can be recalled in each banner.
– Quality at the best price: first price products
– Carrefour Quality Lines: a concrete example of our sustainability approach
– Safety commitment on Drug Perfume and Hygiene products (DPH)
– Safety commitment on textiles and clothing for babies and children
– Quality information on non-food products labels
– Ensure in store safety and quality

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