Apotek K24

Apotek K24

Information Summary

Founded : 2002 Industry : Medical
Website : http://www.apotek-k24.com Contact : Gideon / Wenny
Phone : 0274 – 542 024 , 0888 243 0910 Fax : 0274 – 542 025
E-mail : cs@apotek-k24.com
Address : Jl. Magelang, Karangwaru Kidul PR 24, Jogjakarta 55241
Estimated Investment : Rp. 600 Million

Apotek K-24 founded by dr. Gideon Hartono at 24 Oktober 2002 in Yogyakarta, provides franchise / waralaba in Indonesia in Medical Industry, K-24 is a short term for komplet 24 jam / Complete for 24 hours.

They have many outlets spread around many cities in Indonesia. You can get good quality medicine shop with their franchise program and you will get many benefits as a franchisee.

At 6 April 2005 they got reward from MURI as “Apotek with the first concept of operating hours 24 hours a day – Non Stop”. They start their franchise program at 2005, when they already have a good concept and good reputation at giving services.

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